Trivium Craft 30 Songs for New Album

TRIVIUM have over 30 songs racked up and ready for their next album. Matt Heafy spoke out about a few things to our buddies at Metal Sucks:

Do you have a ProTools rig on the bus?

I’ve been using Apple Logic which I’m absolutely in love with. What’s amazing about Apple Logic is that you can do synthetic guitars. So I’ve been doing full Trivium songs: drums, guitar, guitar, vocal, and I put piano and bass guitar. It’s purely all digital. I haven’t had to use a real guitar at all. It’s stuff that I write beforehand, and then I transpose on this because it’s easier because I don’t have to bring my guitar in. It sounds real convincing. You pick your guitar tone, what kind of guitar body, what kind of amp, and you do all kinds of different stuff. I love it man. Just the other day on Logic I programmed (I don’t have any classical music training or theory, but I always wanted to make a classical music song) one yesterday on the day off. It was a lot of fun. Logic has these templates where you can pick [for example] an electronic song, or country song, and I picked a classical song and you get all the instruments you need to make a symphony. So I was able to do a full symphonic song.

Might any symphonic stuff make it on the next Trivium record?

Probably an intro and outro. I’m thinking of someday making a side project thing where I do every style of music ever and make fake band names/fake record labels. Like Tomorrow is Monday, my emo band from Orange County I do when I’m 16. My black metal band is Ocular Symfernum which means “the eye of hell”.

To read the full interview, click here.

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