Spanish Black Metal Band NOCTEM to Release ‘Oblivion’ in North America

Noctem, a Spanish black metal band, is set to release Oblivion in North America via Metal Blade Records.  Oblivion is the second part to NOCTEM’s previous release Divinity (check out the studio video here). A teaser video for Oblivion created by the band can be seen here and fans can preorder the album here.  Check out their track “Invictus” below:

Noctem “Invictus” by Metal Blade Records

Cover artwork for Oblivion was created by Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian designer who worked with Noctem on Divinity’s cover and is also known for his work with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Belphegor, and Gorgoroth.

Oblivion tracklisting:
1. Popol Vuh
2. The arrival of the false gods
3. Universal disorder
4. Abnegation and brutality
5. Invictus
6. Sons of Hun-vucub
7. Seeking the ruin of souls
8. Unredemption
9. Q’uma’rka’aa’j
10. A borning winged snake
11. Oblivion

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