Liam Gallagher Walks Out On Oasis

Hard man Liam Gallagher has swapped the rough and tough streets of his native Manchester for Lake Como in Italy. The moody frontman has reportedly walked out on his brother Noel and the rest of OASIS…again.

According to The Sun newspaper, Noel branded his brother a “f****** moron” after the split, and also took a swipe at Liam’s fashion label, Pretty Green.

Noel reportedly told a friend: ‘They say never work with children and animals. No one mentioned f****** morons though, did they?

A source told The Sun that Liam had been drinking heavily for the duration of the tour and had regularly been abusive, taunting Noel’s girlfriend Sara, as well as other band members and crew.

‘He is one very angry man who needs to sort his issues out,’ said the source.

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