TRILLIUM To Release New Metal Project “Alloy” in November

According to a press release from Frontiers Records,  Trillium will release their album Alloy by Amanda Somerville on November 4th in Europe and November 1st in North America.  The album comes with a very personal statement from Amanda…

Since I’m an eclectic and diverse person and musician, that certainly comes out in this album” says Amanda. “I think that the diversity is what is going to set this album apart from other stuff that’s out there right now. It’s got big choruses and epic symphonic hits, guitar solos you could imagine being played on a mountain top with an aerial camera view, but it’s also got a lot of soul added to the raise-your-fists-in-the-air-and-make-a-mean-face vibe”.

Several talented musicians worked with Amanda such as Sander Gommans (ex AFTER FOREVER, HDK) and Sascha Paeth (KAMELOT, AVANTASIA, EPICA, AFTER FOREVER etc).

Sander is all around an awesome songwriter and guitar player, and he’s especially good at coming up with riffs and movements of a song, while Sascha is a fantastic producer who can play any instrument there is – and play the hell out of it – and his sense of songwriting is really strong!” states Amanda.

Other contributing musicians include Miro Rodenberg who did all of the orchestral and keyboard arrangements, Robert Hunecke on drums, Olaf Reitmeier on acoustic guitar, Simon Oberender on keyboards (and mastering). But more surprises are on this record: “Working with Mat Sinner on KISKE-SOMERVILLE established a solid professional relationship and I also found a good friend in him” says Amanda. “We co-wrote “Love Is An Illusion” together for this album and it was a pleasure working with him once again!

Jorn Lande has lent his epic voice to the song “Scream It.” Ms. Somerville tells the story: “I actually wrote that song with Jorn in mind not for his status in the scene, but because I absolutely love his voice, he’s a wonderful friend of mine through working together on Avantasia and he was the perfect “actor” to play the character in the song. And he nailed it!

Stay tuned here on Braingell for upcoming news for Trillium’s tour dates in Europe 2012.

“Alloy” will be exclusively released in a digipak CD edition and will include the following songs. You can get an early listen to 3 of them below:

Machine Gun    *    Coward    *    Purge    *    Utter Descension    *    Bow To the Ego    *   Mistaken    *    Scream It    *    Justifiable Casualty    *    Path of Least Resistance    *    Into The Dissonance    *    Slow It Down    *    Love Is An Illusion*

*bonus track

Trillium – Alloy – Scream It, Machine Gun, Coward by Braingell

Check out a video clip for the song “Coward”…


Trillium is…
Amanda Somerville – Lead & backing Vocals, Keyboards
Sascha Paeth – Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums
Sander Gommans – Guitars
Miro – Arrangements & Keys
Olaf Reitmeier – Acoustic Guitar
Robert Hunecke – Drums
Simon Oberender – Keys
Jorn Lande – Guest Lead Vocals on “Scream It”

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