RONNY MUNROE of Metal Church to Release New Album

Ronny Munroe of Metal Church is, thankfully, still at it belting out those tunes with that voice we know and love.  Ronny will be releasing his second album entitled “Lords Of The Edge” via Rat Pak Records and produced by Stu Marshal of Empires of Eden.

Stu Marshal is playing double duty on the album as not only producing but playing guit.  Also featured is Chris Caffery of TSO/Savatage and Michael Wilton of Queensryche.

“We wanted to create something that was totally new, but at the same time, true metal fans could hear everything that we were influenced by growing up in the classic metal era.  Lords Of The Edge sounds a little bit like what would happen if you put Metal Church’s Light in the Dark CD into a blender with Queensryche’s first EP and Judas Priest’s Painkiller, then mixed it with some present day themes and a shot of pure adrenaline.”

All I have to say to that quote is bring it the fuck on!!

Watch the video trailer for “Lords of the Edge”


Track listing:

1) Just Breathe

2) Full Circle

3) Pierced By The Maiden

4) The Vision

5) The Fear Of What’s To Come

6) Let Them Feed

7) Rock And A Hard Place

8 ) Blood Red Skies

9) Lords Of The Edge

10) Touched By A Demon

11) Still Alive

12) Goodbye To The Black



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