W.A.S.P. Celebrates Anniversary with “30 Years of Thunder” Tour

W.A.S.P.  played their first gig 29 years ago on September 21, 1982, at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.  The band will be celebrating their anniversary with the 30 Years of Thunder anniversary tour beginning in the U.K. and then worldwide.

This tour will be the biggest and best show W.A.S.P. have ever created. The two hour show will consist of three parts. A one hour set containing songs from the first four albums. The second set will be a 25 minute shortened version of The Crimson Idol complete with the movie accompaniment. A third set will consist of material from the new studio album, older material and everything in between. This show will see multiple video screens, pyrotechnics, and elements from the early W.A.S.P. shows (maybe even an exploding cod piece) and Blackie’s moving microphone stand Elvis

For more information about this tour and all things W.A.S.P., please visit waspnation.com.

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