Pitbullian Rant-athon: A British View of The Metal World

Welcome to the first of what is going to a monthly rant about what has been going on in the world of rock and metal. For those of you who know me, you well know that at times I don’t hold back. I say what has to be said, even if it upsets a few people. But, let’s get one thing straight before I start. Everything that I write here are my thoughts and nothing to do with Braingell Radio; this is called freedom of speech. You’ll find a video of me below exercising that freedom of speech.

Lets start with a news entry posted by “justgotwicked” on Sept. 18th about Randy Blythe of LoG. He seems to have taken it the wrong way about his tweets being used as news items. FFS dude, if you don’t want people to post em, don’t make them public. If I posted shit and it was news worthy, I would expect journos to pick up on them and use them. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs otherwise.

Also, what is it all about with all these genre’s of metal? Back in my youth (yes, we had metal when I was a teenager) all we had was rock or metal. Now what have we got? Power metal, speed metal, death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, love metal, (check out Him), Goth metal, grunge, AOR, heavy rock, and punk rock.  FFS guys, IT’S ALL FUCKING METAL. I am getting pissed off with all this categorizing music into genre’s.  If it has guitars, drums, and loud vocals, it’s metal and all this bitching about this style is better or that style is better is the biggest load of horse-crap I’ve ever heard in my life. We are all into this music because we love it and with being a Brit, I can proudly say, we started it all. With Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, as well as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) which gave us the likes of Def Leppard, Angel Witch, Saxon, and of course the Grand Masters, Iron Maiden. So where would the rest of the industry be without us Brits?

Just to end, a BIG congrats to both Rob Halford and Dave Coverdale for reaching the grand age of 60. It’s actually great to be writing about this as opposed to writing about artists who will never reach that milestone due to living the dream to hard or due to events out of their control. As in the case of Dave Williams (heart defect) or Dimebag Darrell (shot).

So, until the next rant from me just remember. KEEP IT REAL \m/

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