TRACII GUNS Open to Idea of Female Replacement for Jizzy

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Tracii Guns, lead guit player and founder of L.A. Guns is a very hip dude.  Seems he wouldn’t shun the idea of having a chick replace Jizzy Pearl.  Jizzy stated yesterday..

“After an amazing two years in L.A. GUNS, I have decided to move on. This decision was not based on anger or animosity — I have nothing but respect for Tracii and the guys. They can, and will, carry on better than ever. I wish all good luck and good music in the future.”

Tracii is looking for a replacement and had this to say…

Lol! There isn’t much of a scoop. I met with Dilana last night, she wasn’t a cunt, she was actually pretty smart and down to earth, we had a long conversation and Jeremy was there. There are two other people I’m talking too as well who live out of the country.

As far as Jizzy, he feels it is time to do his own thing and I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s a great friend. If Dilana were to end up in L.A. Guns it would be because I like her based on our chemistry and her ability to sing the LA GUNS songs appropriately , I won’t make a judgement on her based on someone’s opinion of her on rockstar supernova. Honestly , I wouldn’t mind having a woman sing for L.A. Guns. I like newness.

Tracii Guns

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