Echoes of Eternity Debut “Twilight Fires” MP3 on MySpace

Los Angeles’ female-fronted progressive metallers ECHOES OF ETERNITY have debuted a new track entitled “Twilight Fires” on their official MySpace page.  The song comes from their upcoming sophomore album, As Shadows Burn, set for North American release on September 22.

States guitarist/songwriter Brandon S. Patton about the track:

“When we wrote this song, we asked ourselves, ‘What would it sound like if Francine [Boucher, vocalist] was singing for Morbid Angel or Dissection?’  This is what we came up with. It has a definite black metal/death metal feel to it. I don’t think anyone’s ever heard this type of female vocal with blast beats and double bass drumming in a context quite like this. It’s dark, seductive and powerful!  The way Francine belts it out on this song blows my fucking mind and every one in the band loves the middle section of the song, where there is a slower ‘gallop-picked’ riff that is mean as fuck.”

The track listing for As Shadows Burn is as follows:

1.  Ten Of Swords
2.  A Veiled Horizon
3.  Memories Of Blood And Gold
4.  The Scarlet Embrace
5.  Descent Of A Blackened Soul
6.  Twilight Fires
7.  Buried Beneath A Thousand Dreams
8.  Letalis Deus
9.  Funeral In The Sky

Visit ECHOES OF ETERNITY online at their MySpace.

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