HANK WILLIAMS III: “It’s amazing when you…work with a hero [Anselmo]”

Here’s an interesting interview that I never thought I’d see.  Well, on here, anyways.  Ruben Mosqueda of the Oregon Music News spoke with Hank Williams III about playing with Phillip Anselmo in both Superjoint Ritual and Arson Anthem and whether or not he believes that Anselmo and Vinny Paul could ever repair their relationship. You can check out a bit of the interview below.  Head here to see the full interview on Oregon Music News.com

Q: What was it like being a part of Superjoint Ritual [with Phillip Anselmo]?

HWIII: It was great. Phillip (Anselmo) has always been one of my heroes. It’s amazing when you get a chance to work with a hero. I was fortunate enough to do Arson Anthem with him also. It was an inspiring time for me; we did some great shows and a lot of energy. I think that my participation in that band helped a lot of heavy metal kids get into my style of country music.

Q: Interestingly enough, there’s connection between you and the guys in Pantera. Since you know them, do you think there will ever come a day when (drummer) Vinnie Paul and (singer) Phillip Anselmo will be on speaking terms?

HWIII: That’s completely up to them. I can’t speak for Phillip or for Vinnie. All I can speak for is the fans, which I am one of. I know the fans would love to see the surviving members of Pantera reunite. The only guy that could fill in for Dimebag would be Zakk Wylde. If there ever were to be a reunion tour, the fans would be very appreciative. They could dedicate the tour to Dime. I’ve heard Phillip say that he wishes they’d be on speaking terms and I’ve heard Vinnie say the same thing. I can just hope that one day they’ll both be able to be in the same room and they’ll be able to put the past behind them.

Q: Arson Anthem’s self-titled album was recently reissued on Anselmo’s Housecore label. You play drums, Mike Williams (Eye Hate God) sings and Phillip Anselmo (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Down) plays guitar. How likely are we to see some new music from Arson Anthem in the near future?

HWIII: That’s for fun. We do it here and there. I played drums on all the records that just came out and the country albums. I like to keep my drumming chops. Right now I’m leaving it up to them; if they want to hook back up we can have some fun again.

Don’t forget…you can read the rest of the entire interview by clicking here.

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