Lemmy Joins The Wine Makers Market

lemmy kilmister

Much like a fine wine, British rockers Motorhead have only been getting better over time, which may just be what prompted bassist/singer Lemmy Kilmister to launch his own label, Motorhead Shiraz.

An Australian Shiraz, it’s a full-bodied, fruity bouquet mixed with hints of oakiness, blackberry, plum, eucalyptus and licorice, best served with lamb or beef. Just like Lemmy it allegedly, “packs a real punch.”

Motorhead Shiraz was first released in Sweden in 2010, selling 120,000 units to date. Great Wine Online, a purveyor of vino in the UK, is currently selling a case of six bottles for £86.40, that’s $132.84 at the latest currency exchange rate. Unfortunately, however, the wine is not yet available Stateside.

Lemmy wants his followers to enjoy the adult beverage, but offers his own please drink responsibly words of wisdom.

“Approach it with caution,” says the 65-year-old rockstar. “Wine is deceptive. Anything can happen.”

5 Comments on “Lemmy Joins The Wine Makers Market”

  1. Spare us the snooty description and cut to the chase. What’s its proof? Lemmy was right about one thing: wine is deceptive.

  2. I think I’m going to start collecting rock/metal band booze!

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