Peter Beste Talks Immortal with Decibel Magazine

A question-and-answer session with famed artist Peter Beste regarding IMMORTAL’s cover shoot for Decibel Magazine’s October 2009 issue (at newsstands on September 7) follows.

You’ve traveled a lot in support of your book, True Norwegian Black Metal; was the last time you’d worked with Abbath the time you photographed him for it?

“I’ve photographed Abbath a few times now. Once in 2004 at Edward Grieg’s villa in Bergen [Norway], various live occasions, and again in 2007 in the amazing woods near his house outside Bergen. This is where I shot the photo of him pointing in the woods.”

Did you shoot the band in the same forest?  If yes, what connection do you suspect the band – or Abbath – has to it?

IMMORTAL have used that forest and its surroundings for most IMMORTAL photo and video shoots throughout their history. Since it’s less than a mile from where he lives and grew up, I imagine he has a strong connection to it.”

The stone ruin in the shot where Abbath is running with a weapon in hand.  Is it of any significance?  Did the band choose it?

“This is the same medieval ruin where the cover for IMMORTAL’s first record Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism was shot. These locations were just a 5 minute walk apart. As a photographer, these are both dream locations  for me.”

Were you present for the application of their war paint or is that something that’s been off-limits to you as a photographer?

“Yes, I witnessed this. They played their new record ALL SHALL FALL to get in the mood for the shoot. This was my first time to hear it, and I was very impressed!”

All Shall Fall, the first studio album by Norway’s IMMORTAL in the past 8 years, will be available in North America on October 6.

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