If anyone new any better, the only way a show gets running is by the unsung heroes behind the scenes. The many men and woman who sweat their asses off for the stars to shine. Of course, there are many that come and go, and very few that stick around, and survive to tell the stories. Among the few to live on, there is Bob “Nitebob” Czaykowski.

For over 40 years, Nitebob has ran the operations for many Rock N Roll superstars. From Aerosmith and Kiss in the 1970’s to Steely Dan today. He lived through all the stories, true or false, and he can remember them! In the short time I was able to associate with him, I learned fast that it takes someone special to keep it all together amongst egos and nitwits. Nitebob has an uncanny ability to do it. I see why he has survived it all.

I am proud to say I met the man. No, the legend. If you ever meet him, shake his hand and thank him.

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