Lewd Acts – Black Eye Blues

Ahhh, music with a message, reminds me what it’s all about.  Music that embraces the roots, and music that keeps things raw, intense, and real.  The new LEWD ACTS release, Black Eye Blues has hardcore written all over it; the way it was meant to be played.  It’s loud, fast, powerful, and while it’s such a fun and stylistic listen, Black Eye Blues still proposes itself as an underground treat!  Like plenty of the other Deathwish releases, Black Eye Blues is an exciting listen the whole way through, and ends sooner than you want it to.  These San Diego rebels have crafted a near perfect release, and while a hardcore act at heart, LEWD ACTS has really stepped outside of the box on this release with some conceptual ideas, new methods to attack aesthetically, and heavier moments than they’ve ever had before.   Black Eye Blues lyrically is about real life situations in a straight forward form, and musically LEWD ACTS lures you in to live the message. 

Right off the bat LEWD ACTS gives the attitude with “Know Where To Go”.  And so begins the story of the Black Eye Blues.  But then full speed ahead comes LEWD ACTS with “Nightcrawlers”, giving some striking chords with some great thrash tendencies.  Enter Tyler Densley’s style of crooning and some galloping drums, and “Nightcrawlers” really brings the ruckus.  Moving along “Who Knew The West Coast Could Be So Cold?” shows a poetic and bluesy side to LEWD ACTS, and with a steady pumping guitar, the mood in this song really shines.  ”Who Knew The West Coast Could Be So Cold?” comes around midpoint of the CD’s story, as Black Eye Blues begins to change form conceptually. Getting right back into the belly of the beast, LEWD ACTS unleashes “Rot Gut Charlie” which brings us back to hardcore’s glory days.  This song straight rages through the verses at full speed, not stopping for anybody or anything.  Black Eye Blues closes with “Nowhere To Go” and once again the hardcore rebels at heart show us more versatility.  The delicacy and down tempo rhythms strike the listener’s craving for noise, and plenty of dark guitar tones build up this beast.  And upon closing of “Nowhere To Go” the melodies propose such beauty and Tyler [Densley] shouts out his last croons as if they were his last words. 

The production sounds great, where it seems like anything Kurt Ballou (Converge) touches turns to gold.  I should also add how beautiful the artwork is – big props to Brandon Tridle for that!  Overall, this album is for any hardcore fan, but is also for anyone who supports the underground movement.  Go buy it now!  I also love the way how LEWD ACTS has a story behind this release, and they do it brilliantly!  For example, the thematic pairings of “You Don’t Need Me” leading into the raging “I Don’t Need You”, or from the album opener “Know Where To Go” to the closer “Nowhere To Go”, LEWD ACTS pieces the puzzle together perfectly.  LEWD ACTS has really made a name for themselves with Black Eye Blues as well as an identity of their own, and the future for these guys is going to be big!  Much respect to LEWD ACTS.

LEWD EYES - Black Eye Blues

Rating: 9/10
Label: Deathwish Inc.
Website: http://www.myspace.com/lewdacts

By Alex Gilbert

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