Man Attempts Murder on Female He Met on Facebook Posing as Oliver Sykes

It’s always an iffy situation when you dig someone that you’ve “met” on the internet and then agree to meet in person.  You never really know what to expect and your mind is racing…”Will they look like their picture?” “Are they really the person they say they are?” “Are they a murderer?”

Unfortunately for a young lady named Maricar Benedicto, it was the latter question she fell victim to.  She had met this dickwad, that goes by the name, David Russel, 20, on Facebook and the guy managed to talk this naive chick into going to the UK, taking her into the forest, claiming it held special childhood memories and then blindfolding her, saying it was a surprise gift he had for her. 

The dude slit her throat, stabbed her several times, hit her in the face with a log, and headbutted her. Russel was posing as Oliver Sykes, lead vox of Bring Me The Horizon and had searched the internet for ‘how to kill someone with bare hands’, ‘how to cut skin with a knife’ and ‘the best knife to kill’.

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