Mantic Ritual Part Ways With Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Wetmore

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s MANTIC RITUAL have made the following announcement regarding Dan Wetmore, vocalist and guitarist on the band’s debut album, Executioner, released in March of this year:

“After much consideration, Dan has decided to no longer continue with MANTIC RITUAL.  We are greatly appreciative of his tremendous contributions to the band and wish him the best in his future endeavors.  For the upcoming tours this fall, our good friend, Dave Watson, will be filling in as singer/guitarist.  We’ve known Dave for quite some time, and besides being a killer musician, he’s an outstanding sound engineer as well (he mixed our 2007 self-released demo, Executioner).  We have no doubt that Dave will be a perfect fit for us these next few months, and that the band will continue delivering fist-pumping rock ‘n roll like it’s 1955.”

Dan Wetmore shares some words on the situation:

“It has been hard for me to make this decision as I love Adam [Haritan, drummer], Ben [Mottsman, bassist], and Jeff [Potts, guitarist] and the music we’ve made together.  I’ve always been dedicated to the band and truly enjoyed playing and writing material.  Still, I’ve had the desire to focus on photography for quite some time and I don’t see myself spending life on the road.  It is my personal choice to leave the band and return to school.  Despite conflicting feelings, I know currently, this is the best decision for me.  The outcome is very hard to face, as I’ve enjoyed the past five years and progress we’ve made.  I’m sure some might think I’m crazy or stupid, but I’ll eat that.  The guys are dedicated and I’m positive they’ll do well with Dave taking my place.  All the best to them, they’re my pals.”

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