SLIPKNOT’s Clown: Plans for Another Album But No One’s Pushing It

With the upcoming tenth anniversary re-release of Iowa and Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan out promoting it, somebody has asked THAT question.  You know.  The one about whether or not there’s going to be a new album for Slipknot.  The “somebody” is Kerrang! and here’s some things that Clown had to say in the issue.

“There’s plans [to make another record] but that’s a way off. No one will push it, because it’s going to be a big one. It’ll be closer to Iowa, but it’ll be sadder and crazier. And really thought-provoking, it could even be conceptual.”

He continued, “We’re still taking some time to reflect on our brother [Gray]. Everybody needs to be collecting thoughts so they can get it out and no one has really had time to collect thoughts yet. But we’re the fucking ‘Knot. And when we come out, you’ll know your band is done.”

Clown is basically saying there’s a good chance there will be new music but not immediately. Ultimately, until we get a confirmation from Corey Taylor, who has been hesitant in the past to record any new material, nobody should get their hopes up.

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