RIVAL SONS Track “Tortured” in “Real Steel” Movie

Rival Sons have ventured over into the movie business.  They’ve had one of their tracks “Torture” used in the movie “Real Steel” featuring Hugh Jackman which is set in the future where there’s robot boxing.
Jay Buchanan, frontman, comments:

“When I wrote this song, the last thing I had in mind was a boxing robot fighting a bull.  I was actually envisioning Elvira wrestling a bear, but I guess this will do until Dreamworks buys my script.”

Check out the track, “Torture,” below:

Get the Rival Sons EP on iTunes at http://bit.ly/hwikwq

Real Steel is out now in cinemas in the USA and is due to be released in the UK this Friday, October 14th.  For more information about the movie and to watch the trailer, head to http://www.steelgetsreal.co.uk

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