EVILE Show at The Hydrant in Brighton, October 14th

DanUK, one of our Braingell “correspondents” managed to hit another kickass concert featuring Evile at The Hydrant in Brighton last Friday.  Make sure you check out some live footage that Dan was able to get below!

Out of the numerous bands that have become active during the ‘new wave of thrash metal’, England’s Evile is arguably the one with the brightest future. Formed in 2004 the band now has three well-received albums under its belt, all released on Earache, and their debut was produced by Flemming Rasmussen.

Their latest – ‘ Five Serpent’s Teeth’ – was released last month and is a polished example of ‘modern thrash’. Personally, I like my metal a bit heavier and a bit dirtier but Earache seem intent on giving Evile the cleanest and most over-produced sound possible.

I was, therefore, looking forward to seeing the band play at the Hydrant – effectively a pub with a large room upstairs that bands can play in. When I say large I don’t mean ‘large’, I mean probably 20′ by 30′, dark and sweaty as hell.

Evile came onstage at 10pm following local band Demental and London’s Earache signing, Savage Messiah. By this time the crowd was looking for some solid thrash metal to get its teeth into and Evile didn’t disappoint. Opening with the title track from the new album the foursome blazed their way through an excellent set, made all the better by a great sound from the PA – raw and loud, lots of middle, treble and drums. It is this sound which brings out the best in Evile.

Within minutes the audience had been whipped into a frenzy of slamming and crowd surfing. As the temperature in the tiny venue continued to climb the crowd activity got more and more crazy, with even Matt Drake (guitar, vocals) and Joel Graham (bass) looking rather startled on occasion but also totally satisfied about how violent the pit was.

I came away from the gig wishing that Evile would release a record with a production more akin to their live sound. The band has undoubted talent (guitarist Ol Drake, Matt’s brother, plays live for Destruction on a regular basis and recorded leads for the German legends’ latest album) but I’m not convinced Earache is the label for them.

Overall, an excellent show.

DanUK \mm/

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