Exodus Land Their Own Comic Book

Terminal Press and Nuclear Blast Records have teamed up for their next comics/metal crossover with EXODUS: Death Begets Death. Utilizing the lyrical, artistic and musical concepts from the Bay Area Thrash legends, Terminal Press plans to bring the world of EXODUS alive in a big way.


Set in a ruined America of the near future, the story follows two war generals who rule over military fiefdoms the size of time zones. General Scraw controls the west coast, while his twin brother General Scraggg reigns from a seat in Las Vegas. The twins amuse themselves by sending the military’s toughest war toys, the Shovel Headed Kill Machines, into the deserts of the MidWaste to exterminate the human rabble that scrabbles for survival there. But when General Scraw learns that his military has been wiped out by a supernatural being calling herself the Earth Mother, he sends five crazed men who may or may not be the members of EXODUS from the bowels of his own prison to stop her. But many more people will die before the strange woman gets what she wants, and the twin generals will learn the price of their own misdeeds.

EXODUS: Death Begets Death will be available early 2010 from Terminal Press. Visit the Terminal Press homepage for updates and the Terminal Press Facebook Fan Page for a look at some EXODUS: Death Begets Death concept art.

A larger promotional image of the artwork is available for download at this location.

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