ARRAYAN PATH Featured on is dedicating its entire new electronic issue to the band Arrayan Path and their new album, Ira Imperium with their ablum to be released in just a few weeks.

The visitors to the site can check out an interview with Nicholas Leptos, the voice and mastermind behind Arrayan Path, the editor’s first impressions of the album (track-by-track) after a listening party organized in September, an “All things Arrayan Path” info section and last but not least…four new songs taken off Ira Imperium.

Visit and find out why the editor thinks that “this is an album that will simply make many international ‘best-of 2011’ lists” and why he feels “extremely privileged to have witnessed the birth of this masterpiece!”

Ira Imperium is  due to be released in November 4th/7th (World/UK) through Pitch Black Records.

For more info visit

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