The Worshyp: Kingdom Earth Album Review

Take a hint of the big 4, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, a whole load of confidence, and add them into a huge pot, stir well, and what do you get? You get The Worshyp. I have been watching this band on Twitter, promoting their music for a while, so I thought, what the hell, let’s check them out. I wish i’d done it sooner. All the hype that has been behind this band, all self promoted, is true. Their latest album KINGDOM EARTH, is one that has been on my player all day, I just cant get enough of this band.

The opening track, Crop Circles, is a brave move, as i have never known a band to open with an instrumental, but these guys have the balls to pull it off with confidence. so as you  go through the rest of the album, you can hear in each track the confidence oozing out of every note, and drum skin being played.

Stand out track for me is GANGLORDS, which is the shortest track on the album, at 3:18, but what you get is power, attitude, and brilliant vocals all the way through. Which is what i can say about the rest of the album.

I would highly recommend this album, if you appreciate Metal as it should be delivered HARD AND FUCKING HEAVY.

Pitbullian verdict 9/10

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