Sepulchral Productions to Release Neige et Noirceur’s “Hymnes de la Montagne Noire”

Hymnes de la Montagne Noire sees Neige et Noirceur’s mastermind Spiritus return with what is, without a doubt, his darkest and most aggressive effort to date. Largely forsaking the ambient side that made up a good part of the outfit’s previous offerings in favour of more guitar-driven songs, the opus nonetheless offers the same eerie vibe fans of the band have come to expect over the years. A suffocating journey into cold and desolate landscapes. This is Raw, Hypnotic Black Metal that will appeal to fans of Paysage d’Hiver, Vinterriket and the like.


Hymne I – La grande faucheuse ouvre la marche
Hymne II – Neige Noire
Hymne III – Là où demeure la sorcière des neiges
Hymne IV – L’aube des magiciens
Hymne V – Le chemin de la montagne noire
Les bûcherons (Bérurier Noir cover)


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