Solace and Stable Seeking Replacement Guitarist and Drummer

Kansas City, MO based metal act SOLACE AND STABLE are seeking a replacement guitarist and a new drummer:

Guitarist:  Must be out of high school, have pro gear (reliable half stack, and guitar), no users, or alcoholics (we are a Christian band and want to maintain a Christian image) and share the Christian faith.  We respect each and everyone’s beliefs, and are not trying single out any faith, but as a Christian band we feel it is very important to share the same beliefs as it is the motive for this band.  You also must be able to sweep pick, alternate pick, and play at speeds up to 220 bpm.  You must be very available to tour starting in January.

Drummers:  Must be out of high school, atleast 18, have pro gear, be able to do blast beats, double bass, and play up to speeds up to 220 bpm.  Same faith requirements as well please, and again we love, and respect everyones beliefs aside.  You must be very available to tour starting in January.
Below are tabs for 2 songs that interested parties need to be able to play. Idela inquiries must be able to send SOLACE AND STABLE a video or MP3 of you playing.  MySpace is also available.
Using Tabit:

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