CHIMAIRA Vocalist Arrested for Weed Possession / Unable to Perform at Gig

Mark Hunter, vocalist for Chimaira, was arrested for having weed in his possession during a routine traffic stop yesterday in El Paso, Texas.  Unfortunately, Mark was able to to perform last night at the gig in San Antonio.  Chimaira’s keyboardist and backup vocalist (also the front man for Daath) filled in for him.  Here’s what Sean had to sayChimaira vocalist Mark Hunter was arrested yesterday in El Paso, Texas for possession of marijuana during a routine traffic stop. Due to this, he wasn’t able to perform last night at the band’s gig in San Antonio. The band’s keyboardist and backup vocalist Sean Z, who also is the frontman for DAATH, filled in for him. Here is what Sean had to say about his arrest on Twitter:

Emil Werstler, guitarist for Chimaira (and for Daath) had this to say by responding to Mark’s Twitter…

Backstage Live offered to give partial refunds to those who didn’t want to attend and Mark will be performing tonight in Dallas.

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