Rip Your Face Off SOULBLEED to Play The Whisky A Go Go Nov. 10th

I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling like most of the metal music out there is starting to sound stagnant so it was my lucky day when I came across a band out of Los Angeles (right around the corner from me) called Soulbleed.  The band consists of Dave Rubenhold (Vocals), Steve Marshall (Guitars), Elaina Bangma (Bass), and Jimmy Schultz (Drums).

I had an opportunity to give the band a review (see that below) of their self-titled CD Soulbleed and thought I’d go ahead and do the metal community a favor and share the  love about these guys.  I use the term “guys” loosely because there’s one helluva bass playin’ chica in the mix that you simply can’t ignore!  Soulbleed has played with the likes of All The  Remains, Prong, In This Moment, Warbringer and have been interviewed by/and their music featured on “ESPN Action Sports”.  Not to shabby, right?

Soulbleed‘s next gig is on Nov. 10, 2011 at the infamous Whisky A Go Go so go give ’em a listen and above all…check them out on their Facebook page and find out where you can get their kickass CD.

“Upon the first track being played, you can feel the high energy of the band slowly slithering in to your brain with no intentions of letting go.  Amazing growls and the tightness of the band are incredible and something to be reckoned with.  Curl-your-toes insanely heavy riffs , rip-your-face-off bass and  vocals that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve experienced metal-head magic.  This band doesn’t cut any slack and you can hear the confidence the moment they start ripping it.  It’s groovy as hell to FINALLY hear something refreshing within the metal community and I can’t wait to personally check this band out live!  Keep the shit crankin’ and bangin’!”

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