BEHEMOTH To Return to the Stages of the U.S.

Behemoth will be making their return to the US according to an interview with Nergal at LoudWire by Full Metal Jackie.  Here’s what Nergal had to say in that interview below:

 “We’re doing Poland now, it’s a warm up tour and then we’re starting with Cannibal Corpse in February in Europe and actually we’re putting final touches to a U.S. tour which will start on April. 12, the lineup is still a secret but probably within days or weeks it’s going to be revealed to the world. All I got to say now because I’m not really allowed to reveal any names but it’s like a dream team tour for me. It’s going to be very underground, very dangerous and when we go on tours especially in the U.S. we’ve always compromised to be on a bill with bands, bigger bands, smaller bands it doesn’t matter.

But sometimes it’s just policy, it’s labels involved, it’s money and stuff that we need to compromise and there’s bands that we hate, good guys you know but a lot of music that’s on the bill it’s s–t and this time for the first time ever it’s my favorite bands on the bill and just wait and see it’s going to be a huge surprise. It’s going to be massive, it’s very underground but people will f—ing love it, people are dying to see this kind of bill, it’s going to be super evil. It’s going to be the most satanic tour that’s going to invade the U.S in a long time and there’s going to be no tour like that in years. That’s a promise just wait and see, I can’t wait for this to happen.”

METALFEST 2012 dates:

31.05.-02.06.2012 Mining, Metalfest Austria

31.05.-02.06.2012 Dessau, Metalfest Germany/East

01.06.-03.06.2012 Jaworzno, Metalfest Poland

02.06.-05.06.2012 Zadar, Metalfest Croatia

05.06.-07.06.2012 Milan, Metalfest Italy

07.06.-09.06.2012 Loreley, Metalfest Germany/West

07.06.-10.06.2012 Pratteln, Metalfest Switzerland

08.06.-10.06.2012 Plzen, Metalfest Czech Republic


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