Pagan Metallers Eluveitie Set Plans for “Evocation II”

Swiss pagan metal horde ELUVEITIE entered the studio 2 and half weeks ago in order to record their highly anticipated new album. The successor to the acoustic / folk masterpiece Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion is said to be a full scale metal album again.

The album will be produced by Tommy Vetterli (mastermind of CORONER, ex-KREATOR & –VOODOO CULT) at the renowned Newsound Studios. Afterwards, legendary sound guru Colin Richardson will work on the mix.

Commented vocalist/mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann:

Some of you might have heard some rumours about it already and it’s true, we’re heavily working on our new album! For two and a half weeks already we’ve been in the studio recording our next audible sword blow. Drums and most of the guitars are already nailed and so far we are really, really satisfied. I mean REALLY! We’ve decided to record our upcoming album in the famous Swiss Newsound Studios, owned and run by none lesser than Tommy Vetterli (note: pic attached)! So far it has been a hell of a pleasure to work with him on recording the album! It’s great to benefit from his enormous experience both as producer/engineer and musician on one hand, but also to have a good time with him since he’s a very likeable and down-to-earth guy on another. Judging by how the recorded tracks sound so far this album will definitely cleave your heads wide open!

The album will of course be mixed by the British sound forge god Colin Richardson.

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