Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Goes Missing

Guitarist for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, a man named Zoltan, has been missing since the band’s Friday night performance in Las Vegas. He was last seen drinking with a bachelor party at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino.  Scroll down for more details.

He looks something like this, likely sans ammunition belt:

A concerned message from the band reads as follows:

We have not been able to locate Zoltan from 5FDP since Friday night’s show in Las Vegas.  He has not responded to calls, text messages, or emails, and he was last seen around 2:00am Friday night at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Casino, taking tequila shots at the bar with a group of guys from a bachelor party who came to the show.

If anybody has any information as to the whereabouts of Zoltan, please email immediately.  This is not like him and the band needs to prepare for the upcoming tour. We have already notified the appropriate authorities, but any help Vegas fans might be able to provide is very much appreciated.

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