CANNIBAL CORPSE To Release New Album

Cannibal Corpse have completed work on a new album and set for a March 2012 release according to Metal Blade CEO, Brian Slagel.  Bassist Alex Webster was interviewed by Metal Hammer and gave away these hints:

“I can’t tell you the album title or the songtitles or what the artwork’s gonna look like,” Alex said. “The artwork will be a bit more like what we were known for in the past and a bit less subtle than the last two albums. They were fairly subtle by Cannibal Corpse standards. The lyrics on this record are pretty much what we’re known for and the title is not going to be a huge shocker for anyone either. Music-wise, there has been a pretty interesting development on this record. I’ve been one of the main writers on the last few records, and on ‘Evisceration Plague’ I wrote seven whole songs — lyrics and music — and another half of another song plus lyrics for ‘Scalding Hail’, which Rob [Barrett, guitar] and me did together. So I did a lot, but this time round I wanted Pat [O’Brien, guitar] and Rob to get involved a little more and I was afraid that by writing so much, they were so busy learning my stuff that they hadn’t been able to focus on writing their own stuff.”

He continued, “I had another recording project going on anyhow, so I decided to lay off the writing a little. In the end, Pat wrote four songs and Rob wrote three, so there’s a much more even division of songwriting and a lot more variety on this record. It’s still Cannibal Corpse-style death metal, but there are more different flavors. Rob andPat are very talented writers so they should contribute a lot! They’re a great resource and we want to have them contribute as much as they can. Rob’s songs are the three best songs he’s written for us, I think.”

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