NIGHTMARE RECORDS Offering FREE Exclusive Sampler

Today Nightmare Records releases a FREE EXCLUSIVE Download Album!  The album will  include 11 tracks of Heavy Rock, Progressive and Symphonic Power Metal from the latest Nightmare releases which you can get HERE.

  • LANCE KING “A Moment in Chiros”
  • ANDROMEDA “Manifest Tyranny”
  • ANUBIS GATE “Anubis Gate”
  • THEOCRACY “As the World Bleeds”
  • MYRATH “Tales of the Sands”
  • PATRICK HEMER “More than Meets the Eye”
  • DIVINE ASCENSION “As the Truth Appears”
  • VANGOUGH “Kingdom of Ruin”
  • HALCYON WAY “IndoctriNation”
  • PASTORE “The Price for Human Sins”
  • ENBOUND “And She says Gold”

To those of you who don’t  know this, Nightmare Records was started by melodic metal vocalist Lance King, known best for his vocal work with Balance of Power & Pyramaze. Twenty one years later and over 2.5 Million CD’s sold, Lance King remains the CEO of Nightmare, one of the strongest upcoming resources for musicians and fans in the Metal community.

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