Brutal Legend Demo Up for Download, President Speaks Out

The official Brutal Legend demo is now available for Xbox Live Gold members today. Weighing in at 1.57GB, the playable sneak peek is the same demo made available exclusively for pre-orders earlier this month.

While a PS3 version of the demo also already hit PSN for folks who reserved the game, the same can’t be said for a “public” demo. According to a source close to the game’s development, a demo is definitely planned for all PSN users – it just won’t be available right away.

Brutal Legend creator and President of Double Fine Productions‘, Tim Schafer, and Musical Director Emily Ridgway took a break from the usual video game press circuit for a special round-table call with Metal Insider and other lowly metal literati to dig deep on making a commercially-viable yet still authentic metal game, bringing in metal legends as talent, picking that insane soundtrack, and metal’s ability to be simultaneously ridiculous and mighty. And yes, someone asked what happened to Dio. Click here to read the interview.

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