Expect to See New INCANTATION CD Next Year

Incantation have released an announcement stating that they’re currently writing new material that will be released sometime next year.  In the meantime, the band have released a brand new track as part of the After Party Massacre CD Soundtrack and  Limited Edition 7 Inch Bloodsplatter Vinyl –  click here to hear a sample of the track!

Drummer Kyle Severn wanted to pass this on to fans as something to look forward to.

“The new material we have been writing with new members Alex (Bouks also of Goreaphobia) and Chuck (Sherwood also of Bloodstorm) is beyond brutal, as these songs have come together they are by far the darkest and most demented Incantation tracks I’ve been a part of since Diabolical Conquest”

Along with the new Incantation material, Kyle has also finished up with his first foray into the cinema realm with a new horror/slasher movie called After Party Massacre.  The movie offers live performances by Incantation and Soulless, which then takes a deadly turn after the bands are finished as this UNRATED movie is filled with blood, scantly clad female flesh and lots of death metal!


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