Bakteria Make MP3 Off Awfully Titled Album Available Online

Mexican filth metallers BAKTERIA just made another brandnew track off their upcoming album Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate! available online.

Surf to to listen to “Sea Corpse”. The title track of the bands debut album is also still available for streaming.

Furthermore BAKTERIA revealed the tracklist for their already 12 year old but until now never released album:

1. Platypus Bestiality
2. Sea Corpse
3. Shit Vomit Enema Orgy
4. Shit in The Pussy
5. Feed Feces to the Foetus
6. Colostomy Hemorrhoids
7. Kill, Fuck
8. Crib Deth
9. Castrate with a Rusty Skate
10. Sloppy Fifths in a Pus Filled Twat
11. Feed the Starving with the Rich Man’s Vomit
12. Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate!
13. Hospital Fuck-Fest
14. Shit on My Pubes
15. Chromosomes in the Toilet
16. Mutant

Commented drummer Manuel Gonzales: “This is us. We are a mutated breed. We will infect you. This is BAKTERIA. Resistance is futile!”

BAKTERIA recently signed a deal with Anstalt Records which is a brand new launched division of Nuclear Blast Records.

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