Mnemic Studio Blog #1: Drums

Guitarist/songwriter/founding member Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of modern metallers MNEMIC has sent in the following studio report from Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark:

“I can’t believe that we actually started tracking drums this week! This time around three years ago, we were doing the same thing at Track Record Studios in Los Angeles with Warren Riker. Oh boy, time flies when you are having fun… or getting old.

“I can’t wait ‘til we move on to the guitars… Well, actually, I can’t wait ‘til we are done and have the final product in my hands!”

“Why don’t we just start from the beginning?  At the end of 2007, I started composing the first MNEMIC song, which I later trashed ’cause it simply sucked. It was uninspiring, regular metal, nothing new under the sun. Since then, lots of songs have been trashed, ha ha… and the same goes for the other band members. We have had a hard time pinpointing where we wanted to go musically. We are 5 different individuals these days with 5 different views on music. I listen to everything from the Wu Tang Clan, to Curtis Mayfield, to all sorts of drum ‘n’ bass artists, to mostly the old-school metal records. The same goes for the others. We are not listening to the same metal albums that inspired us 6-7 years ago; we have different inspiration sources. This aspect did contribute to a lot of debate between us and also helped shape the 15 songs we chose out of a big bulk of material. At the end of the day, we are still a metal band, but with different inspirational sources. With this said, we are ready to fuck everyone up.

“So, before we started recording the drums, we also tried to listen to some other production [job]s that we liked. In fact, we kind of came to an agreement of not having a superficial drum sound, where everything is cut, everything is edited, and in the end, done by “Beat Detective.” (We have actually never done that.  For all of you non-believers, [MNEMIC drummer] Brian [Rassmussen] knows how to play his stuff; it’s really that simple.)

“Moving on to the sound, we want a simple sound and first and foremost, a natural drum sound without sounding too dry a la Kyuss or C.O.C., but more punchy and in-your-face. More like a Rick Rubin sound, where everything is more open and unprocessed.  Think Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Slipknot.

“We have simple groovy songs and we have complex songs, so Brian started – of course – warming up with some of the more simple songs, to get into the groove. At the moment, we have tracked 6 songs out of 15, and the drumming sounds extremely solid!

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