Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home

EVERGREEN TERRACE is one of those bands who are badass in many ways.  The band has this raw and massive sound that the hardcore, metal, and punk crowds can love.  Their latest Metal Blade release, Almost Home, is filled with tons of memorable melodies, extreme breaks, galloping drum beats, and flat out rocking out moments.  They’ve taken their already solid sound and continue to remain amongst the strong.

Opening Almost Home with “Enemy Sex”, the band bursts out at a fast and slick pace, and their time changes are brilliant; we can call it default EVERGREEN TERRACE by now.  What’s impressive is how the band continues to gallop along without stepping on the breaks, whether “Enemy Sex” is unleashing strikes of dissonance, rocking a riff, or throwing it down hard.  EVERGREEN TERRACE continues the raging with “God Rocky Is This Your Face?”, and shows the band at their heaviest on Almost Home.  From the quick intro sample to the instant explosion of loud and soaring distortion, EVERGREEN TERRACE definitely gets the point across.  You’ll definitely find yourself banging your head to “God Rocky Is This Your Face?”  Almost Home closes on such a beautiful note with “Not Good Enough”, and the anthem really drives the band home.  This could be EVERGREEN TERRACE at their catchiest, and the song structure itself really shows a strong and mature side to the band.  The song is brutal enough to get a crazy pit going, and catchy enough to pull on the heart’s strings.  Which also with the clean vocals in the chorus, you almost have a sense of EVERGREEN TERRACE’s hard work ethic, as they are always striving to get bigger and bigger.  And that they are.  Well done guys!

They say that music has the power to move you, and EVERGREEN TERRACE sure fits that statement.   Almost Home is definitely one of the year’s exciting releases, and a great listen from start to finish.  The band’s future is going to continue to grow bigger, and while they are one of the scene leaders (on both a commercial and underground level), EVERGREEN TERRACE gives the real deal.


Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Metal Blade
Website: http://www.myspace.com/evergreenterrace

By Alex Gilbert

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