Trivium’s MATT HEAFY Lists His Top Ten Preferred “A-h’s”

Roadrunner Records shot Trivium’s Matt Heafy an email requesting his 10 ten list.  Here’s what he replied back with…

Top Ten Turmoil, Twenty Twelve

My bandmates and I typically prefer to opt out of “top tens.” The “top ten albums list” is usually a subject of heavy criticism (and justifiably so) from all angles. One argument against the creation of “a list” is that all contents contained will be subjected to intense scrutiny from multiple parties from multiple stances who will be reading the top ten list.

Colorful, classic reactions from the punters will include commentary like: “This list isn’t metal enough! I fuckin’ hate this dude and his band and his stupid guts now! Their next album is going to be (insert current year’s most-hated-genre) bullshit!” Or the ever popular, “This dude doesn’t deserve to like (insert culty-illegible-obscure band name here)! That’s my favorite band.”

On the other hand, with the authors, it can be all about who can “out-weird” everyone else’s list in an almost ill-spirited, elitism-off of who can reference bands that will earn brownie points from the most jaded of magazine and webzine journalists.

I say, when it comes to things in life – music, art, movies, fashion, food – don’t succumb to being stuck into one thing, one mindset, one genre; don’t be afraid to admit to liking things that you’re “not supposed to” like due to what kind of band you’re in. Instead, be open of the fact that… hey – maybe you are in a Satanic black metal band, but maybe you really dug Bieber‘s Christmas album – I think that would show some color in your character. (Alright – maybe that was a terrible example, but you get the point.)

So I guess there are some things that “have to be done,” like a list containing 10 albums of the year, when you’re in a band. So for me, these are not in any specific order, these aren’t using numerals (instead, 10 lower-case letters), these aren’t subscribing to what I need to list in the adherence of genre or consistency, nor does this tiny list encapsulate all the amazing music that has come out this year. Nowadays, with tools like Spotify, I feel people have incredible music spanning all genres at their fingertips. Dare to try something random and new – get outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be immersed in all the great musical goo that is out there.

Here it is. My random selection of my preferred “a-h”s of this year” that I feel were worth jamming out to.

c. Arcade FireThe Suburbs (Deluxe Edition)
Although The Suburbs was released in 2010, the Deluxe came out this year. The Suburbs (and Mumford And Sons’ Sigh No More) were the albums I listened to each day on the drive to the studio while tracking In Waves. The songwriting is impeccable, the lyrics are heartfelt and gripping. I didn’t “get” this band until I saw an international live performance of theirs – to put it in the terms I described it exactly to a friend after seeing it: “It was like the energy of Slipknot… and the amount of people (roughly)… but of a completely different musical universe.” The bandmembers are all multi-instrumentalists, trading off on specific-instrumental duties, but utilize instrumentation differently than the typical musical sense. They’ll use violin “noise” as textures – it feels like they just do what they feel like doing, when they feel like it. It doesn’t stick to rules or genres or anything – it’s uniquely a sound of their own.

h. Machine HeadUnto the Locust
The world was definitely anxiously holding their breaths in anticipation for what would follow The Blackening. I’ve had a long listening history with Machine Head (and a long-time friendship): MH was the first metal band I ever saw live; the third band I’ve ever toured with; a band with whom we toured together, drawing upwards of 6-8,000 people in the UK. The Burning Red and Through The Ashes Of Empires are without a doubt two albums that helped make me the musician I am today, and with Unto the Locust, Machine Head has again changed the game.

To check out the rest of Matt’s list, head here.

source: Roadrunner Records

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