Hunted included on new Terrorizer CD sampler

Cardiff’s HUNTED, appear on Terrorizer’s Fear Candy Unsigned Edition CD sampler in its latest issue. “Impaled,” from HUNTED’s  three-song EP Alone, was selected to represent its brand of traditional/progressive metal.

By e-mail, guitarist Steven Barberini had this to say.

On being selected for the CD sampler:
“We got in touch with the advertising editor of Terrorizer, John Biscomb, and he really liked our material. Despite obviously having to pay to get on the CD, I’m sure there were hundreds of bands who would have wanted on it. So we still consider it a privilege to be on it. A friend of the band actually sent us a link stating that Terrorizer were searching for unsigned talent for the CD sampler. We sent an email then to Terrorizer with our details, they must have checked out our material and liked it, and then got back to us.”

About the song “Impaled”:
“This song is based on an incident that occurred near me in Colombia, where a child witnessed the murder of his parents during a robbery on the street. It describes the innocence of the child, the naive and confused reaction he must have felt, his thirst for revenge as an adult, and the need to exorcise those cruel memories.”

On the recording of new material:
“We are extremely happy with the material we have (which will be 10 songs possibly, plus some extras) and are currently recording it. We are doing most of the recording in-house and we also have some interesting people/names that’ll do mastering, artwork, etc.  Because we are recording in our “own” time, it means we have plenty of time to ensure we are all satisfied with the end product, sadly it also means it’ll take a little longer than usual, but we believe this’ll be worth it. If things keep going as they are now, hopefully we’ll have a product for early 2010.”

On trying to get signed by a record label:
“Once we had finalized our demo Alone, we produced a promo pack including all the expected documents (promo shot, biography, CD, reviews, etc.). These were sent to, I can’t remember exactly, but probably around 30 to 40 labels, if not more. We have obviously targeted major labels, but did consider some small ones. Some small labels did show interest and made offers, however they were not, lets say, “band-orientated,” and we could not accept. Compared to our demo, we are most definitely now a more confident band with a more solid line-up. Many metal-orientated sites (radios, reviews, festivals, promoters, etc.) are taking notice and liking what we are doing, we hope with the release of this upcoming album, labels will pay more serious attention to what we’re doing.”

For more information on HUNTED, and to listen to the EP Alone, go to

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