Arch Enemy – The Root Of All Evil

After many years of living with recordings that pailed in comparison to where the band is today, ARCH ENEMY has decided to re-record assorted tracks from their first three albums with current vocalist ANGELA GOSSOW. And as far as I’m concerned, she is by far the better vocalist as when listening to early AE, the vocals are the part that always held the band back. I know some may argue the point that JOHAN LIIVA is better because he was first, the sexist because he’s a man theory [barf], etc. But that truly doesn’t matter as her versions simply outshine what was first created as are evident on THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Also with the re-recording, you are able to hear more of the IRON MAIDEN influence with some of the melodies that are played by guitarist MICHAEL AMOTT like in “Silverwing” that also have JOE SATRIANIesque tendencies in the melodious interludes. The modern technology to capture better drum sounds, more solid vocals, thicker guitar tracks and effects to shed new light onto the possibilities that were given in the late 90’s absolutely come to life. “Demonic Science” is a track where Angela’s vocals, as angry as they are, are the perfect juxtaposition to the neo-classical artistry that can exist in some of the classic AE songs such as the ending of this song as well as the melodies in “Bridge Of Destiny.” The impact and potential of ARCH ENEMY was never truly felt in their early days in my opinion and could have placed them into a different league had these early songs had the impact that they now do on The Root Of All Evil.

“The Immortal”, “Bury Me An Angel”, and “Dead Inside” all sound more relevant today than they did ten years ago that even with the progression of music in this scene, AE have sort of resurrected their abilities and leave this listener curious as to how their next new offering will vary from those in the past few years. Sometimes a band must go back to their early roots or songs to get back in touch with what inspired them in the first place. Let’s see what the next studio effort will produce for these Swedish exports!

Rating: 8/10
Label: Century Media


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