Trivium’s MATT HEAFY Thanks the Music Industry for Big, Fat Royalty Check

On Dec. 27, Matt Heafy tweeted:

“Dear state of the music industry, Thanks a heap for this massive royalty check” with a picture of a check displaying that he is owed a whopping $1.31 (see below).

That’s right all you up-n-coming rockstars out there.  It’s not about the money!

Matt’s stated that metal is in an odd spot in the U.S. and there aren’t any new bands out there coming up with anything new.  I’d consider that a challenge.   Maybe a new band can come up with something that’ll stir shit up and make that big money.

With Trivium’s latest album ‘In Waves’ making a splash, the band is set to go on tour next year with In Flames, Veil of Maya and Kyng. Hopefully, Heafy and the rest of the gang make a few more bucks by then. Check out Heafy’s check below.

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