Arch Enemy’s ANGELA GOSSOW: “Arch Enemy will go on hiatus for awhile”

Rock Overdose  met with Arch Enemy’s frontwoman, Angela Gossow.  Please check out some excerpts of that interview below.  To read the interview in it’s entirety go here. Hello Angela, welcome to! How are you?”Khaos Legions” is the eighth album of the band that was released six months ago. Are you satisfied with the final result and what has the response been so far from fans and music press?

I am well, thank you. I am finally getting a few days off between Christmas and New Years Eve.. Response has been really good. We can tell by the fact that more and more people come to our live shows. According to tour roadmap, you have an extremely busy schedule with shows day after day and short breaks. Where did you find all this energy in the stage during the concert?

Yes, we play a lot of shows and my workload as the manager and vocalist in Arch Enemy is immense. I have to be strong and healthy for that – so I take good care of my body, I am a vegan, I work out a lot. I will also take a year or more off after we finish the touring cycle for Khaos Legions in 2012. I need some time to re-charge my batteries. Arch Enemy will go on hiatus for a while. Would you say you prefer touring or being in the studio?

I prefer the real thing – playing live. What do you like to do, to relax in your spare time?

I love working out, relaxing in a sauna, smoking weed, watching documentaries, educating myself. You already know that you have a strong fan base here in Greece. Do we have to expect any surprises for your live?

Yeah, Sharlee will strip for you on stage, haha. We are known for an intense and insane live show. You like metal? You gotta witness Arch Enemy’s force live!

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