Skinlab Frontman Admitted to Hospital; Tour Cancellation

SKINLAB guitarist slash frontman, Steev Esquivel, has been admitted to hospital for a “severe” lung infection. As a result, the band has dropped off their current tour with MOWER.

I went to the hospital last night after dealing with chest andlung pains
for the last 2 weeks on tour. I thought it was just acold and something
that would pass but before the show in ….Herkamir.., ..NJ….I decided
to take myself to the Cooperstown Emergency Room.

I was told my condition was a severe lung infection that my body has not
been able to fight, due to the tour schedule we’ve been dealing with and
the nonstop lifestyle thatI live just trying to make things happen for the
band and so I can tour.

Bottom line is the doctors have told me I’ve pushed myselfto the limit and
was lucky enough to get treatment before this turned into full blown
Pneumonia. Having been told that I am completely bummed to announce that
weare going to be cancelling the remaining dates on the Sons of a Sik
World tour.

This is the first tour that I have personallycancelled due to any weakness
and feel it’s best as I am just not representing Skinlab to its fullest.
With the dates currently being considered for make up , we will keep
everyone informed of our tour schedule and future plans as were all on our
way home to rest up.

Huge thanks to our new metal brothers in Darksun, Sik World Clothing for
sponsoring the tour, and all the promoters and fans who have stood by us!
We will be launching a new contest with Revolver Magazine and a prize pack
from Peavey this month, so watch out for that,and we will be adding new
merch designs to our online store.

Remaining dates with MOWER headlining:

October 7 – Richmond, Va @ Alley Kz
October 8 – Spartanburg, Sc@ Ground Zero
October 9 – Murfreesboro, Nc@ Zakk’s Coffeehouse
October 10 – Marietta, Ga @ The Local Concert Venue
October 14 – San Antonio, Tx @ Zombies
October 15 – El Paso, Tx @ Uncle Paulie’s
October 16 – Farmington, Nm Gors Bar & Grill
October 17 – Mesa, Az @Ub’s
October 23 – Oakland, Ca @ The Uptown
October 24 – Orangevale, Ca @ The Boardwalk

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