SMNNEWS exclusive: Fashion Bomb vocalist gives update on upcoming CD

Chicago-based metal band FASHION BOMB’s vocalist Val gives a brief interview by e-mail about its soon to be released sophomore effort, Visions of the Lifted Veil.

How’s the recording of the new CD going?

The record is complete and is awaiting release. We are excited to unleash it on the world and we are busy rehearsing for a tour, and some exclusive show dates are in the near future!

Where was “Visions of the Lifted Veil” recorded? Who produced and mixed it?

Visions of the Lifted Veil was recorded here in Chicago initially at the Catacombs, and also a little work was done at Zeronovght studios. We then picked up the work in Los Angeles at Temple Studios. Temple is owned by Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory/Arkaea and B. Real of Cypress Hill. Raymond executive produced the album, and mixing and producing was by our ace in the hole, Jeremy Blair. Jeremy has worked with everyone from Guns N’ Roses, to Ill Nino, to Ice Cube. He really did an amazing job crafting this into a piece of art.

What took so long from the original release date of July 21st?

Sometimes things happen to scheduling when you are coordinating all the elements that it takes to make a record exactly how you want it. We only want to work with the best and most talented artists, technicians, and engineers. Obviously these top notch people have everyone in the world after them to do their projects as well, so we had to work with their schedules as well.

Describe the sound and the direction you took lyrically and musically on the new CD.

We really wanted to push the creative envelope on this record. We challenged ourselves, and the others we worked with to achieve heavy music with a message. The record references aspects of the end of days, the completing of the circle. It addresses the preventability of our own destruction, and the inevitability of human nature. Acid and Trace did a great job creating an alternately aggressive, apocalyptic landscape, and a thematic musical journey to the end.

Is the release date still November 10th?

The release date is DEFINITELY going to be November 10th. Check your local Best Buy or music store!

What do you expect to happen for Fashion Bomb with the new release?

World Domination. Seriously, we will be touring extensively, bringing the music live to as many cities as we can, as many ears as we can. We believe that this is music that should be shared live, as well as cranked loud on CD!  Really though … World Domination.

To hear the new track “The Meek” from the upcoming “Visions of the Lifted Veil,” click here.


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