Kataklysm Singer’s Side Project Launches Studio Blog

EX DEO, the new band featuring KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono, is currently heavily at work on their debut album with producer/guitarist J-F DagenaisIacono recently started a weekly studio blog on the Ex Deo MySpace page which will last until mid-March. Every week the blog will also include a section called “do you know Rome?”, that will give an historic fact about the Roman Empire. Iacono offered the following update:

“The album is musically complete and tracking has been in the works for the last few weeks. Drums are almost done and on Monday I fly to Montreal to lay down the Roman law and track some vocals!

I’ve been a fan of history all of my life but the last few years I’ve really been studying ancient Rome’s rise and fall. I have to say it’s by far the most impressive subject I’ve ever studied. I’m totally addicted to it and its glory, its power, its weaknesses and its passion. I wanted to do this project for many years, but was never ready and the timing was all wrong. I never thought I could do it justice either but I’m ready now. The urge finally took over and I feel its power calling me and almost driving me crazy.

Now that I hear these symphonies created by my boys I’m so very proud of what they have created. Now it’s my turn to do them justice!  I’ll be in the studio for the next two weeks tracking vocals and working on the arrangements. This is much more complex then anything we have done with Kataklysm. It’s super challenging and it has opened new doors for us as songwriters. I will give everyone an update on how things are progressing shortly.”

Ex Deo’s debut album Romulus is scheduled for release June 19th (Europe) and June 30th(North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.

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