Slipknot’s M. SHAWN CRAHAN To Release Art Book “The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey”

M. Shawn Crahan Of Slipknot To Unleash
‘The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey’
First-Ever Art Book Of Photography Due Out
On Mtv Books Starting June 19

An Artful Conversation With
The Visionary And Percussionist For The Grammy-Winning,Multi-Platinum Group Slipknot

Shawn Will Appear At Sxsw 2012:
“Seeing Red Aesthetics & Visuals Of Metal”
Sxsw Panel, Thursday, March 15 @ 2:45pm
(Room: 11ab Austin Convention Center)
‘The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey’
Book Preview, Sxsw Party And Q&A With M. Shawn Crahan
Thursday, March 15 @ 7:00 Pm
The Jr. (Formerly Emo’s Jr., 603 Red River St, Austin)

Lars Ulrich of Metallica wrote the forward for the THE APOCALYPTIC NIGHTMARE JOURNEY. Below is an excerpt:

“Throw yourself into clown’s world, throw yourself into clown’s book, throw yourself into clown’s images, throw yourself into the whole fucking thing. Let go of the bungee cord, do away with the safety net. Just go for it, and let the journey take you wherever the journey’s going to take you. And as you’re going on that trip through this book, occasionally imagine clown next to you. Imagine hearing his voice in your head talking about what these images and experiences have meant to him and where he was going with it. And you will end up on one fuck of a ride, that I can guarantee you will be unique, spellbinding, and potentially life altering. This book is everything that art should be.”

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