FETUS STENCH Posts New Track From Forthcoming Album

Stillbirth is slated for a Summer 2012 release on North America’s Abyss Records. On April 30th, Fetus Stench will celebrate the release of Stillbirth with a release party at Metal Club in Karlstad, Sweden. Vomitory is also scheduled to appear. Fetus Stench guitarist/vocalist Bjorte had this to say about the album, “After 6 months of pure hell, we’ve come through to the other side with a real monster of an album. A recording filled with technical failures, hate, fights and what not has finally come to an end and so looking back at the whole process and listening to what finally came to be, it was nothing but worth it. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached a new level of brutality.”

Stillbirth Artwork & Track List:

  • 1. Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration
  • 2. Stillborn Son
  • 3. Brennkommando
  • 4. The Outer Island
  • 5. Severe Suffering
  • 6. Necrosis
  • 7. Bashed, Defaced and Disfigured
  • 8. Descending Into the Realm of the Dead
  • 9. By Butchery Divorced








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