WWE Tap Up Maylene and the Sons of Disaster for Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 Soundtrack

WWE has tapped MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER whose hit single, “Step Up (I’m On It),” has been confirmed as the Official Theme Song for their upcoming WWE Bragging Rights Pay-Per View.

Bragging Rights takes place on October 25 and is available on “live” Pay Per View.

The same song has been chosen to air in the commercials for the new WWE video game, WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010.

MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER has also been in the studio recording the new WWE Superstar entrance theme music for the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show and Chris Jericho, entitled, “Crank The Walls Down.”

Catch MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER on the Taste of Chaos 2009. Lineups for the Taste of Chaos Europe 2009 have been finalized. It all starts on November 12 and will run through December 16. Tour dates here.

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