Want to be in the new 3 video for “Rabid Animals”?

This just in from Metal Blade Records prog act 3. Feel free to participate:

“We are shooting our new video for “Rabid Animals” next week and we need your help!

Please send in a 15 second web cam clip of yourself foaming at the mouth and staring at your computer screen, as if you were watching a live concert on TV. If you need help with the foam, try a 1/4 tablet of a alka-seltzer and some toothpaste. Try to make the lighting moody and interesting but not too dark (we need to see you!). These are the basic guidelines but feel free to be creative. Set your web cam to the best quality video setting (h.264 or mpeg4 are good) and then email the clip to: threedomfighter@yahoo.com

If the file is too big for your email try sending it via www.sendthisfile.com or www.yousendit.com (both are free)

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