Leng Tch’e Reveal New Song Information

LENG TCH’E offer up another grinding update from the studio, this time revealing some new song information:

We’re at the halfway mark of the mixing process for our next album so
we figured it would be time to give you guys a little update on how
things are going here amidst the rustic scenery of Kettering, UK.
After a seven hour drive across three countries we arrived at Parlour
Studio to be greeted by our gracious host Russ Russell. A quick trip to the local supermarket later to stock up on basic supplies (designer water and baby oil) we were back at the studio and setting up our gear so Russ could start dialing in the brutal deathmetal sounds from hell.

Towards the evening we settled on a duo of guitar amps – no we’re not gonna tell you which ones – and the rest of the night was spent re-amping the guitar lines we recorded back in Belgium. It must be said that Mr Russell is one of the most dedicated and hard working producers we’ve ever met. And a funny little hairy bastard as well. The next day we looked for a bass sound and once again Russ was floored by the awesomeness of our gear. Fuck yeah! In the evening we went down to London to catch a Burnt By The Sun show which was pretty fucking awesome, despite the amps acting all English and breaking down every other song. Friday and Saturday we worked on the vocals, in the meantime getting fat and lazy on a steady diet of veggie dogs and obscure English

So now it’s Sunday, we’re even fatter and lazier than when we got here after devouring a ridiculous amount of Chinese food yesterday and Russhas started on the mix of the first songs. To lift part of the veil,here are some (working) song titles with a short musical description:

“Worldwide Genocide”: Probably the opening song. Begins with a fast (surprise!) grind riff followed by a hardrock riff. Why? Because we can.

“Wirehead Imbeciles”: Starts out as a grind song and then breaks down into a moshing doom riff if that makes any sense, followed by a swinging d-beat part.

“A.men”: Short but sweet grind song with a catchy as fuck hardcore chorus.

And then there’s the 9 minute final opus… no we’re not kidding this time. This song has a groovy intro, about a minute of grindcore mayhem, a heavy deathmetal riff, a bunch of swinging
I-don’t-know-what-to-call-them riffs, finally ending in a seemingly neverending spiral of crushing doom.

And that’s a fact!

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