Something to Burn Premiering Video Clip for “Say Goodbye”

SOMETHING TO BURN are premiering the clip for ‘Say Goodbye,’ a modern rocker about letting go and moving on. It’s filled with plenty of dark imagery, appropriate for any metal clip: black hair, black leather, black and red walls.

“I really dig the way it teases you at first by just giving glimpses of body parts and gear, with occasional quick looks at the band, and slowly builds into a glorious climax that reveals all of us rockin’ the fuck out,” SOMETHING TO BURN’s Greg Wayne intones to AOL of the band’s new video for ‘Say Goodbye.’

Saying the guys in SOMETHING TO BURN are big fans of Stone Temple Pilots would be an understatement. Soon, the bands will hit the road together, and SOMETHING TO BURN is also signed to Weiland’s Softdrive Records. When it came time to plot a video single, Weiland again came to the rescue.

“We’ve always loved the look and vibe inside Scott Weiland’s recording studio, so when we decided to do a performance video for ‘Say Goodbye,’ we asked him if we could shoot it there. Although he’s tracking vocals for the new STP record in there, he was cool enough to let us have the space for a couple days,” Wayne explains.

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